The mobility laboratory

Our tasks in the field

Parking - Operations Agent

Responsible for providing, customer service,  safety across the site for people and other employees.  An operations agent ensures the proper functioning, maintenance and daily cleaning of car parks or roads and  equipment.

The operations officer may be assigned to a (fixed) car park or to a Local Operating Base (inter-site mobile).

At Indigo, my tasks are very varied: customer reception, change of ticket rolls, cleaning, etc. I also know how to fix a terminal that no longer works. We always have something different to do, we move around a lot. At the beginning, when I arrived, I thought I couldn’t pick up the skills  but I was taught. Today, it’s very satisfying to be able to accomplish all these tasks and to progress.”

Chloé, operations agent, Lille

Parking - Maintenance Technician

The maintenance technician carries out preventive and corrective maintenance operations and monitors parking equipment at sites They apply company quality procedures to ensure a high level of service for our customers.

Every day in our business, we have a new challenge. We need to troubleshoot, find ways to repair equipment and prevent breakdowns effectively so that everything works. It’s a fascinating job and no two days are the same!

Naji, maintenance technician, Marseille

Parking - Local Operations Manager/Contract Manager

The contract  manager ensures the implementation of the resources necessary for the operation of the car parks. They  manage operating agents and technicians assigned to a local mobile operations base and oversees the daily operations and  functions of the car parks and their equipment to ensure the safety of people, property and works. In addition, contract managers are responsible for commercial and contractual relationships with downstream customers (car park users) and upstream customers (clients, public and administrative services).

I carry out management tasks, I manage customer complaints, I ensure the integrity of revenue, I support staff with their tasks. I’m in charge of risk prevention and safety so that staff are aware of the risks of the job they do and protect themselves. I like to be helpful and have those responsibilities. It’s such a dynamic profession; the needs of cities are changing and you have to adapt.

Michel, Site Manager, Hauts de Seine département

Parking - District Manager

Acting as a line manager for the site managers, the district manager co-ordinates the resources necessary for the proper management of the district’s car parks and controls the operations in terms of management of the quality of service, the customer relationship (downstream and upstream) and the development of the operations activity, as well as the monitoring and optimisation of resources and purchases.

What I find most interesting is the versatile side of the job:  human relations,  communication with teams,  field work,  and administration and operational management.  We have some recurring issues but also new and unforeseen ones. I really like working with our customers and how diverse they are: key accounts, residents, salespeople, the contact and the relationship are important and rewarding.

Robert, District Manager, Boulogne Billancourt (92)

Parking - Inspection Officer/Civil Enforcement Officer

The inspection officer ensures the monitoring of paid on-street parking and the creation and issuing of payment notices. They are responsible for creating a quality relationship with users: informing them about the different means of payment possible and providing information on parking arrangements.

Mobility - Operations Agent

Responsible for the deployment and operation of the outdoor bike fleet, the operations agent carries out light repairs (brakes, headlights, saddle, etc.) and ensures a quality relationship with the client.

I like tinkering with bikes and being outside a lot. In this job, you don’t get bored and there’s no routine.

Yann, bike operations agent

There is no economic success without human success’ part

Our new employees follow a personalised integration path and are trained to use our tools. We promote the development of skills and evolution within our group in the jobs of today, in particular thanks to our Indigo Campus and our internal trainers, and we prepare for those of tomorrow.