For more than 60 years, Indigo has been implementing its vision of parking to service towns and cities and assist urban mobility. A world expert in the concessionl model, Indigo invests in modern, welcoming car parks, offering intelligent and digital services, to facilitate the customer journey and urban mobility.

We operate in all contractual forms. We carry out new projects, from financing to design phases to the construction and operation of multi-storey, elevated and underground car parks. We also possess  the engineering skills needed to create the car parks: needs analysis, design, renovation and monitoring of the works. We take care of the implementation of car parks as well as their operation and maintenance.

At Indigo, we take pride in offering our users a quality experience based on our fundamental pillars: customer service, maintenance and cleanliness and safety, while developing services to facilitate users’ daily lives.

More than a parking space, an Indigo car park is designed as a service centre: services for vehicles, users, mobility and even neighbourhoods to make the customer experience even more satisfying.

We work with the best partners such as Total Wash to provide car wash facilities, Norauto for motorbikes, Midas for the maintenance of vehicles in France, Correos in Spain for the delivery of parcels and Amazon storage lockers in the UK.

Indigo responds to the challenges of its upstream customers far beyond parking issues by adapting their solutions to the needs of its client’s and customers. For example, at the heart of the Villon car park in La Défense, Indigo has created a 2,000m2 space that combines co-working, event and exhibition solutions and is open to everyone.

This pooling of expertise makes it possible to test and deploy state-of-the-art services, perfectly adapted to local contexts.


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As a true expert in the concessional model, our 60 years of experience, our investment capacity and our revenue engineering all contribute to the construction of new structures and their operation. Our teams are involved in all project phases and they are committed to providing the best possible service to meet the needs of our customers and users.

Sébastien FRAISSE, President of the Executive Board

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The concession model

We have been pioneers in the concession model for 50 years. We invest in infrastructure alongside communities, offering our advice and expertise in designing, constructing, renovating and financing parking facilities in a way that enhances urban heritage and benefits local residents.

With Indigo Neo, the first application and website for parking in the city, users can manage all of their on-street and car park operations through a simple and seamless process. The application offers hands-free access to INDIGO car parks thanks to plate-reading technology, as well as the ability to reserve parking, park on demand and subscribe to and manage subscriptions. On-street, Indigo Neo offers the possibility of paying and renewing your parking in a paperless way, without having to take a ticket at the parking meters, and of completing your subscription procedures. It is for visitors as well as residents and professionals, offering all the rates available in each city. Find out more on

Operational excellence

We guarantee standards of operational excellence by adapting to the local challenges faced by public authorities. Security, cleanliness, maintenance… we use our experience and expertise to optimise customer experience within our car parks by offering high-quality services.

Partners in excellence

We work closely with  partners who represent the best in their field, so we can provide useful services and solutions  to make our clients and our customers’ daily lives easier.

In France, our partners include Midas, who install and manage  repair centres, and Total Wash who install and manage car wash services. . We also offer drop box and delivery services, with our partner, Correos in Spain.

Remote operation and the Connecpark™ service

Based in our National Remote Operation and Assistance Centres, our team can offer help whenever needed, supporting the user’s journey through the car park thanks to an optimised remote operation system, available 24/7.

Indigo helps its clients optimise their pricing policies and maximise their parking space utilisation rates. Thanks to our experience in strategic monitoring (business intelligence, revenue and yield management) in the parking sector, Indigo is able to offer a full pricing and financial  service for all types of parking facility: airports, hotels, railway stations, hospitals and town-centre parking etc.

Charge points for electric vehicles

We support the development of ‘green’ energy  around the world. For example, we have developed exclusive partnerships with Sodetrel Mobilité (100% subsidiary of the EDF group) in France, and the mobility expert City Mov’ in Luxembourg, in order to provide our customers with a network of self-service charge points.