As soon as you start working with us and throughout your career, Indigo employees benefit from training while working on the  job and  how to use  new business tools.

Indigo designs and organises training sessions that focus on activities that are specific to roles in the parking sector.

High-quality service, cleanliness, customer relations, safety, team management; to ensure exemplary service.  Indigo continually innovates and invests in training for its expert parking teams, and our employees  also benefit from ongoing professional development.

Campus Indigo, founded in 2004, is the first vocational school specifically for jobs in the parking industry sector.

  •  2004: foundation of the VINCI Park School, the first training institution dedicated entirely to jobs in the parking sector
  •  2009: as a certified training establishment, it develops tailor-made training tools and launches a     balanced programme that includes classroom learning and e-learning.
  •  2017: Campus Indigo is listed in Datadock

The training programmes are designed to help consolidate knowledge gained through experience, while giving our employees  the opportunity to earn qualifications relevant to their positions  in parking.

Prestigious awards:

  • Parkos d’Or;
  • DIF Gold Trophy;
  • Intranet d’Or;
  • the Gold Trophy for Responsible Training
  • The Grand Prix of the E-Learning Awards

Campus Indigo has:

  • 25 in-house instructors
  • five parking schools in France
  • one training portal
  • 252 training sessions in 2017
  • 1,622 participants in 2017
  • 20,643 hours of training in 2017

Classes take place every day and are adapted to the changing needs of each country in the group. On-site training sessions allow employees  to put their new skills into practice and consolidate their knowledge. This is particularly the case in the UK and France. Indigo offers innovative learning methods based on training and simulation. Mixed-format training programmes combine e-learning and classroom sessions so that participants can learn remotely while also receiving support with on-site integration.

Throughout the world, Indigo employees benefit from support in their professional development.


INDIGO Group has learned that its name was used for fraudulent purposes by individuals or firms offering real estate investments in carparks, particularly under the name Indigo investissement.

INDIGO Group has never contracted with them and has never solicited them, these are fraudulent facts and activities.