Present in Luxembourg since 1979, Indigo offers cities and communities parking solutions that are adapted to local requirements by offering an optimum quality of service to its clients. Our activity is mainly focused on providing urban services and managing car parks. It revolves around two major sectors of urban transport:

Car Parks: With the management of 33 car parks incorporating 16,200 spaces for communities and other clients. Most of our activity is concentrated in the capital, with 20 car parks (most of which are open 24/7) in the city centre, at concert venues, etc.

The remaining 13 car parks are spread across four regions Esch-Sur-Alzette (4 car parks, including one shopping centre, one university and one car park reserved for vans), Differdange (4 car parks, including one sports venue and one hospital), Dudelange (one car park in the city centre), Grevenmacher (one car park in the city center), Bettembourg (one park & ride car park) and Esch-sur-Sûre (2 leisure car parks).

On-street parking, with the management and maintenance of 2,600 parking machines incorporating around 65,000 parking spaces, in 24 regions. Indigo Luxembourg is the industry leader, various payment methods are accepted at almost all of Indigo’s on-street parking spaces in Luxembourg, making it possible for users to carry out transactions with cash, a Visa or MasterCard or V Pay.

To allow its users to find a car park and easily pay for their parking, INDIGO has developed the Indigo Neo digital solution, available in Luxembourg. More information on www.indigoneo.lu

Management committee

Gérard Jeitz


Gérard Jeitz


Gérard Jeitz has been at the head of the Luxembourgish subsidiary for 34 years. His interpersonal skills and wide range of technical knowledge acquired over the years make him a real asset for the company’s development while ensuring its stability.