Car parks







Indigo offers bespoke and customised solutions to all of its clients: regional authorities; cultural, leisure or tourism sites; hospitals; shopping centres; airports and train stations. The group makes it a point of honour to offer welcoming, clean and safe places throughout their network.

A true innovation lab, Indigo in France designs, develops and exports a range of solutions that improve the flow of urban traffic and individual transport.

In addition to offering simplified and customised parking solutions, Indigo enriches the parking experience by rethinking the customer journey. By being supported in all stages of transport, the user takes better advantage of their city, their destination.

It’s France where we’ve developed most of our pilot devices – operating tools, pricing plans, management tools – which are defining the car parks of tomorrow. These innovations are contributing to the future, which should be places of exchange and information, connected to their surroundings and the city, more than just somewhere to park.

Furthermore, as part of the law on enforcement for on-parking (in France), numerous communities have entrusted the company Streeteo, a subsidiary of the Indigo group, with controlling paid parking, collecting subsequent fees and managing disputes for on-street services.

Finally, to allow its users to book a parking space, manage their subscriptions and pay for their parking without any ticket, both on and off-street, INDIGO has developed the Indigo Neo digital solution. For more information, visit www.indigoneo.fr