To enhance its parking and mobility services, the INDIGO group fully includes digital and MaaS* logic in its global strategy to meet the current and future needs of cities and their inhabitants. Fully aware of the challenges of population growth, ecology and traffic congestion, we are positioning ourselves as a real player and facilitator of these changes by offering digitalized services that revolutionize the daily life of users, in our car parks as well as on the streets.

More concretely, with Indigo Neo, the first application and website for parking in the city, users can manage all of their on-street and car park operations through a simple and seamless process. The application offers hands-free access to INDIGO car parks thanks to plate-reading technology, as well as the ability to reserve parking, park on demand and subscribe to and manage subscriptions. On-street, Indigo Neo offers the possibility of paying and renewing your parking in a paperless way, without having to take a ticket at the parking meters, and of completing your subscription procedures. It is for visitors as well as residents and professionals, offering all the rates available in each city.

This solution, which uses digital technology to serve the intelligent city, allows users to access, with a single application, all the car parks and streets connected to Indigo Neo in Europe, and also to optimise their journey times, the distance travelled and the costs of their parking. For local authorities, it helps reduce pollution, improve traffic flow and reduce congestion in urban areas.

* for “Mobility as a Service” – multimodal mobility as a service

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Today, Indigo Neo is the promise of a simple, modern and seamless customer experience, for parking with a single account in all car parks and streets connected in Europe. Tomorrow, Indigo Neo will be expanded to include new features for the city and our customers: access to and reservation of electric charging stations in our car parks, secure Cyclopark bicycle parking, motorbike parking and solutions for professionals and corporate fleet managers.


Connected Parking

Technological and operational excellence must serve the user. Connected parking is part of a dematerialization approach that aims to simplify, make reliable and secure exchanges. This is why a large number of our car parks are equipped with digital tools such as license plate recognition (LPM) cameras, QR-code readers and NFC readers.

Connected parking, with its dematerialized information flow, improves the quality of the user experience and strengthens revenue security.