To enhance its parking and mobility services, the Indigo Group fully integrates digital technology and MaaS logic * into its global strategy in order to meet the current and future needs of cities and their inhabitants. Fully aware of the issues of population growth, ecology and traffic congestion, we are positioning ourselves as a real player and facilitator of these changes by offering digital services which revolutionise the daily lives of users, in our car parks and on-street parking.

With OPnGO, for example, the app,which connects all car parks in the city, users can book their parking ahead of their trip for a competitive price. In addition, the INDIGO® weel app makes it possible to use a fast and environmentally friendly mode of transport in the city centre to finish your route and provide a transport solution for that last mile.

These services, which use digital technology in the services of the smart city, enable users to optimise their travel times, the distance achieved and the costs associated with individual mobility. The communities participate in the reduction of pollution, the flow of traffic and the decongestion of urban areas.

* “Mobility as a Service”

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The personal vehicle is becoming more connected and environmentally friendly and will solve many of the current problems in cities. In addition, our OPnGO digital parking service reduces travel times and traffic related to finding parking spaces. By coupling this solution with green mobility services such as INDIGO® weel, our group will cover the bulk of individual mobility needs with a comprehensive and complementary service for public transport. New technologies, especially digital, are key ways to achieve our goals and offer users the best service: fast and efficient. In addition, our OPnGO digital parking service reduces travel times and traffic related to finding parking spaces with easy access and payment in over 600 car parks in Europe. New technologies, especially digital, are key ways to achieve our goals and offer users the best service: fast and efficient.

Pascale Bonnard, Director Digital Factory Indigo

Connected Parking
OPnGO the parking app!

Technological and operational excellence must serve the user. Connected parking is part of a dematerialization approach that aims to simplify, make reliable and secure exchanges. This is why a large number of our car parks are equipped with digital tools such as license plate recognition (LPM) cameras, QR-code readers and NFC readers.

Connected parking, with its dematerialized information flow, improves the quality of the user experience and strengthens revenue security.

Today, 20% of traffic congestion problems are related to finding parking spaces. Connected parking is one of the levers of development for the smart city. By making the user experience more fluid and reducing travel time, it helps optimize the management of parking spaces and their profitability. Launched in 2016, the OPnGO solution is the first digital offer for public and private parking.
OPnGO provides a range of digital solutions: a parking offer comparator, a reservation service, a way to access and pay for their parking with an easy to use process:

  1. Geolocation: choose the parking space that suits you among all the available parking offers (public, private and on-street parking).
  2. Intelligent navigation: from your current position to your parking location, maximize the chances of finding your parking space as quickly as possible, both in public and private facilities.
  3. Reservation: with a single click, select the rate adapted to your needs and reserve your space. On-street, you can even extend your parking time as you go along.
  4. Mobile payment: no need for a ticket, payment is made via your mobile.
  5. Automatic access: your license plate is automatically identified when you arrive thanks to a digital reader.

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A proven technology

OPnGO is based on proven technology developed by our partner Now!
For example, the deployment of the Now! platform in Moscow in 2012 enabled the city to benefit from a tool that reduced illegal parking by 64% and increased traffic flow by 6-9% by facilitating enforcement, managing parking zones, identifying zones and saturation periods, simplifying and modernizing payments. By the end of 2020, the platform covered 365,000 parking spaces and passed the one million user mark.


OPnGO is a partner of many companies that have parking spaces that are not generally accessible to the public (real estate companies, hotel groups, property managers, social landlords, etc.). OPnGO also works with owners and managers of public parking facilities, such as independent operators, international parking management groups, family-owned parking companies, semi-public companies and municipal authorities.
OPnGO is also associated with the Total Group to facilitate travel for professionals. You can add your TOTAL GR card to your OPnGO account and manage your parking from a single application.

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INDIGO weel, a new vision of self-service shared mobility!

INDIGO weel is a shared mobility service with no need for a parking station, available through a smartphone application. Without investment for cities and economical for users, it is an ecological, practical and easy to use mode of transportation. INDIGO weel works in close collaboration with cities and commits to a charter of good operation.

Operation of bikes and scooters

To manage the bikes and scooters in the cities where we operate, we set up local teams composed of professionals in the sector. Our objective is to be responsive to technical problems, customer requests and to restock vehicles at strategic points in each city.

Digital development

The INDIGO weel service, simple and intuitive, works through a digital application available on iPhone and Android, with four simple steps for a 100% digital journey:

  1. I download from the App Store (Apple-IOS) or the Play store (Android) and then register in three clicks on the mobile application
  2. I geolocate my bike or scooter and unlock it using the mobile application
  3. I take my bike or scooter and enjoy my ride. I can even take breaks by temporarily locking my vehicle
  4. I return my bike or scooter to any of the designated spaces in the app. I lock it by pushing the lock down and then report the end of my ride on the mobile application

Urban planning

We want to blend in with the urban landscape, and not interfere with any other form of mobility – cars, scooters but especially pedestrians. For this matter, rules about where to leave your bike or scooter have been developed in the application. In addition, all usage data is open data and shared with cities, which allows us to continuously improve, for example by identifying the origin/destination axes that will facilitate the installation of infrastructure, such as bicycle racks or lanes. We want to fit harmoniously into the urban environment.

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International Architecture Competition

INDIGO Group and Dominique Perrault Architecture are launching an international architecture competition, that invites young architects from all over the world to imagine the car park of the future.