Parking lots







Indigo Canada provides a superior quality of service to fit and accommodate the needs of each of its clients through various turnkey solutions. Whether it be management, staff, consulting or investing, we help our clients realize the full potential of their parking facilities.

We are determined to provide the ultimate new parking experience, which is why a strong focus on the development of our business intelligence system is crucial. With our unrivalled expertise and advanced predictive analyses, we help our clients understand and predict demand in order to maximize profitability. Our passion for innovation gives us the right approach and local knowledge to operate in multiple sectors including office buildings, airports, hotels, hospitals and clinics, multifunctional centers, stadiums, universities, condominiums, and event locations in all major cities from coast to coast.

With increasingly innovative digital services, such as award-winning Connecpark™ smart customer assistance, a website and a mobile application to reserve and pay online, connectivity is key to attaining our ultimate level of customer satisfaction.

Partnerships with semi-public and private players in the commercial and real estate sectors also allow for large projects and associated services. For one, we are consistently involved in the optimization of the layout, spacing, and fluidity of operations. Moreover, our premium subsidiary, Northern Valet, elevates the quality of our valet services through individual personalization.

Strong leaders have the ability to anticipate change, but also need the drive to make change happen. This is what makes Indigo an industry leader in Canada.