Nissan and Indigo introduce opportunity charging points for electric vehicles in car parks

The Princesa car park in Madrid was the first from the Agreement to install these charging points. The next ones in Madrid will be Glorieta de Quevedo, Calle Orense, Plaza de la República Dominicana and Plaza Castilla

Indigo manages car parks in Álava, Barcelona, Salamanca, Sevilla, Ceuta, Burgos, Guipúzcoa, Madrid, Málaga, Toledo, Las Palmas, Vizcaya and Zaragoza. 

Madrid, 12 March 2019. – Nissan and Indigo have signed an Agreement to roll-out opportunity charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in different city car parks. It aims to encourage the use of electric transport, helping offer a larger range to both private users and public and private professional fleets, driving and boosting the electric transport industry, encouraging the use of electric vehicles and reducing emissions.

Indigo is one of the leading car park management companies in Spain. These car parking spaces are key to make use of charging facilities during many of the urban journeys currently made in major cities.

Indigo manages car parks in different cities such as Álava, Barcelona, Burgos, Guipúzcoa, Madrid, Málaga, Toledo, Vizcaya and Zaragoza.

An increasing number of vehicles are becoming electric. As a result, this service offered by Indigo car parks – with tens of thousands of journeys per day – will be key to the development and momentum of electric technology.

Nissan has a private charging network – the largest in Spain – installed at its concessions, plus the public network it is installing on the main roads in Spain. With the roll-out of opportunity charging, thanks to the Agreement signed with Indigo, it will help gradually alleviate customer concerns regarding electric vehicles, allowing them to discover the benefits of this type of engine compared to traditional combustion engines.


According to Juan Luis Pla, Director of Institutional Relations at Nissan: “This Agreement is a step forward on the journey to make all vehicles electric, by increasing the charging options in places visited by vehicles, and by making use of the time when they are parked and not travelling. Nissan is therefore supplementing its electric vehicle charging offer, both on city streets and intercity streets”.

According to Álvaro Busca, Managing Director of Indigo España: “This initiative highlights Indigo’s commitment to make car parks a bridge between people and cities, offering the user a range of options which make car parks a fundamental part of a Smart City. This service will create significant added value for the car park, allowing customers to charge their vehicle, for example, whilst they are running errands or during the working day. It goes hand in hand with existing services which are the result of agreements with other companies. They focus on making daily life easier, such as car sharing, car washing, vending, package sending/pick-up services and car rental services”.


About Indigo

Indigo is a world leader in parking and personal mobility in all segments (on-street, off-street, private car parks), operating in 750 cities in 10 countries on three continents, with over 20,000 employees. Operating over 5,600 car parks worldwide, with over 2.3 million spaces and over 3,000 km of street parking, Indigo provides services to local authorities and private organisations (hospitals, shopping centres, train stations, airports, universities, etc.) and develops innovative mobility solutions so that users can travel around cities more easily.


About Nissan in Spain

Nissan operates five production centres in Spain: Barcelona, Ávila and Cantabria, where it manufactures the NV200 van, both the combustion and electric engine versions, which is the most popular in Europe, the Navara pick-up and the NT400/Cabstar compact truck. It also manufactures components for various plants in the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, it has a R&D centre for Europe, a distribution hub and a spare parts centre. Barcelona is home to the head offices for Spain and Portugal, countries where Nissan is the leader in electric transport and the crossover segment, and it has a network of over 200 stores and service centres which cover the entire Iberian Peninsula. Nissan employs 5,000 people in Spain.


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