Civic engagement

The Group acts locally through aid and solidarity actions and with associations, and wishes to contribute to the development of a better living environment for all. In this way, the Group is committed to promoting health, culture, the environment, the economic development of territories and solidarity initiatives.

For example, the Group’s Brazilian subsidiary, located in the city of Porto Alegre, collects clothing every year through the Manobra Solidaria association. These donations are collected in the car parks, in specially designated containers, and are redistributed to the most deprived people.

In early 2017, the Group formalized a partnership with “Samu Social” in France. The organisation trains employees in Paris to help them dialogue and deal with people seeking shelter in the Group’s car parks. Following the success of the first training sessions, Indigo Group plans to roll out this initiative on a national scale.

The Group is also committed to promoting culture. In France, the teams working in La Défense, home to the largest open-air art collection in Europe, support their upstream client to showcase works of art there. Created and exhibited initially in the central square of La Défense (Le Parvis), the artworks are then exhibited either in temporary or permanent exhibitions along walkways used by the Group’s car park customers in the business district of La Défense.

Our ambition

Support social action programs through logistical, human or financial resources, and support the civic commitment of our employees