Social performance

“A company can only be successful if its workforce is thriving. ”Thus, the commitments defined in our “Goal 2020” Group Strategic Plan include human resources policies and action plans. The women and men who make up the Group are the key to performance that ensures success. Change management, employee retention, training and diversity were identified as key human resources topics in the Group’s latest “Goal 2020” Strategic Plan, of which they are the fifth pillar, Women and Men. These matters are addressed primarily through the implementation of policies, initiatives and action plans.

The Group is organised into four geographic divisions, which implement the global strategy locally, and, working closely with its employees and its social partners, each country develops its local policies in accordance with the regulations and specificities of its operations.

Finally, global human resources development initiatives were launched to energise the Group’s human resources and improve operational efficiency, employee engagement and satisfaction.

The group’s CSR reports are available on the “Publications” page.