Sustainable relationships with stakeholders

The Group’s purchasing policy reflects our social and environmental commitments. Procurement within the Group is decentralised, with each country developing its own procurement policy. Indigo Group, however, aims at developing long-term, equitable relationships with partners and subcontractors. In each country, purchasing managers strive to build efficient, ethical and transparent relationships with these partners. The Group intends to develop long-term relationships with a smaller number of suppliers. In key areas of supply, for example toll equipment, temporary staff and fire safety equipment audits, suppliers are therefore invited to tender for framework agreements and successful candidates are referenced. In return for their commitment, referenced suppliers are guaranteed a privileged supplying in their own fields.

The Group’s purchases are also sustainable. Thus, in France, Indigo Group incorporates sustainable development criteria into Request for Quotes (RFQs) for goods (tickets, cleaning products etc.) and services (temporary, domestic and security staff etc.) with an impact on the workforce, society or the environment, each selected supplier having a strong commitment to indicators related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that are specific to it and in line with the Group’s CSR commitments.

Finally, a number of the Group’s subsidiaries have produced their own sustainable procurement charters. For example, all referenced suppliers in France agree to respect the suppliers’ performance charter (Charte d’engagement de performance globale des fournisseurs) which sets out the Group’s responsibilities to the workforce, to society and to the environment.

Our ambition

Develop long-term relationships of trust and confidence and ensure that our suppliers share our values and are committed to sustainable development.
Develop long-term, trustworthy relationships with our suppliers and ensure that they share our values and join us in committing themseves to sustainable development