Health and safety

Health and safety is a priority for the Group. A global health and safety policy has been in place for many years, and the Group has been implementing action plans (objectives and resources) in each country, depending on local regulations, risks and specificities.

At Indigo Group, we are convinced that the first challenge in human resources management must be the implementation of measures aimed at protecting employees who, through their daily activities, drive the growth of the various businesses and ensure the Group’s success. This is why each Group subsidiary implements actions to raise awareness and reduce occupational risks, adapted to the specific nature of its activities.

Thus, for example, considering the significant share of diesel engines (emitters of fine particles and nitrogen oxides-NOx) in France, the Group has gone beyond regulations by voluntarily equipping facilities with air monitoring systems that trigger, in the event of exceedance of regulatory thresholds, the mechanical ventilation of confined car parks with fewer than 500 spaces and open to the public that it manages for its own account. Moreover, in these car parks, systems were implemented to renew the air in parking levels at least once a day. Operating rooms are equipped with an overpressure system to prevent exhaust gas inflows.

Preventing accidents and monitoring accidents when they occur also helps to limit risks and improve procedures and organisation. Thus, since the majority of accidents are caused by slips and falls, the Group has been making a special effort in all countries to make its employees and managers aware of the use of appropriate equipment and to be extremely vigilant in the face of these particular risks.

Several key indicators are monitored by the Group, including the frequency rate, severity rate, absenteeism rate and turnover rate, which are measures that enable us to improve the organisation, training, promotion and well-being of employees.

In the same vein, many employees at various levels of responsibility within the Group, including its Chairman, have goals and incentives based on improved health and safety indicators.

Our ambition

Each employee of the Group, through his or her daily actions, professionalism, initiative and adaptability, is a key player in the Group’s HEALTH AND SAFETY policy, which sole objective is a zero accident rate.